Le Coran - Traduit de l'Arabe - Par M. Savary - 1783


..Accompagné de notes, et précédé d'un abrégé de la vie de Mahomet, tiré des Écrivains Orientaux les plus estimés. 

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By M. Savary - 1783

In Paris at Knapen & fils and Onfroy.

2 in-8 volume in full spotted calf, ornate naved spine, vintage binding, volume number in green morocco.

First edition - Beautiful copy in period binding (slight trace of friction in volume 2)

Volume I: XVIp - preface.

              "Abrégé de la vie de Mahomet": vignette p1 - 248pp.

              "The Koran": thumbnail p1 - 270pp

               Table and errata of the first volume

Volume II: "The Koran": thumbnail p1 - 464pp

                Table and approval & privilege of the king.

Claude-Etienne Savary was born in Vitré (Ile et Villaine) in 1750 and died 1788. Left in 1776 for Egypt, and after having spent three years successively in Alexandria, Rosetta, and Cairo, he traveled for almost two years several islands of the Archipelago, in particular those of Rhodes and Crete, and on which he gives many details. He reports a lively description made of it in daily contact with the population.

Speaking Arabic, his story offers a stark contrast to the austere description Volney made two years later. It was one of the first literary journeys in Egypt, more than a century after François Savary de Brèves but long before Chateaubriand, Lamartine or Flaubert.

His translation into French of the Koran respects the style of the original and the division into verses, as he underlines in his preface, opposing it to that of his predecessor André Du Ryer (1647). He also pays tribute to the Latin translation of Louis Marracci (1698), which he quotes in the notes. In the Life of Muhammad which he places at the head of the work, he takes a stand for a political Muhammad, who would have created the fiction of a divine mission and of the revelation of the Koran by God, as a tool for his regeneration project of the Arab nation.

This translation, written in Egypt, appeared in 1783 in Paris, in two volumes, and was republished several times in the following years.

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