Histoire Naturelle - Quadrupèdes - Buffon - 1769 - T10


M. de Buffon - intendant du Jardin du Roi, de l'académie française et celle des sciences...etc. Nouvelle édition

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In Paris, royal printing house - 1769.

1 volume in-12 - volume 10 alone.

To shine of time, back with ornate nerves, red edges. 473pp - 27 boards.

Contained in this volume:

the bufle ..., the zebu, the mouflon ..., the axis, the tapir, the zebra, the seahorse, the moose, the ibex ..., the saiga, the gazelles, the hartebeest ... , the condoma, the guib, the grimme, the chevrotains, the mazames, the coudous, the musk, the babiroussa, the cabiai.

Good condition.

You can find the biography and work of the Count of Buffon:,_Comte_de_Buffon