COOK - Voyage in the southern hemisphere - 5 flights in-4 FULL of 65 boards

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2nd COOK'S TRIP (James)

Travel in the southern hemisphere, and around the world, made on the ships of King, the adventure, & the resolution, in 1772, 1773, 1774 & 1775.

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Written by Jacques Cook in which we have inserted the report of Captain Furneaux, & that of Mr. Forster.

Translated from English.

5 Volumes in quarto.

Volume 1: 1778 1 Portrait 17 plates and 448 pp.

Volume 2: 1778 20 plates and 432 pp.

volume 3: 1778 21 plates and 374 pp.

volume 4: 1778 7 plates and 388 pp and 25 pp of tables of contents.

4 volumes for Cook's 2nd voyage and volume 5 is: Observations made during Mr. COOK's 2nd voyage in the Southern Hemisphere and around the world by Mr. FORSTER in Paris 1778 520 pp and 2 pl. leaflets

Frontispiece portrait. 65 folding boards.

Map of the Southern Hemisphere - Port Praya in St Jago Island - Ice Islands - New Zealand Spruce - Family in Dusky Bay - Map of Dusky Bay - New Zealand Poë - Tea Plant - Waterspout of sea near New Zealand - Flax plant - Plan of the land of Van Diemen - Otoo, king of Tahïti - Plant to catch fish (Tahïti) - Potatow, chief of Tahiti - Omai, brought to England by Captain Farneaux - Island of Otahiti - A toupapow with a corpse - Landing in Middelburgh - Map of the Friends Islands - Otago, chief of the island of Amsterdam - Afia-Too-Ca, cemetery in the Isle of Amsterdam - Map of '' a pirogue - Ornaments and weapons of the Isles des Amis - Works of the islanders of New Zealand - Easter Isle - Man from Easter Island - Woman from Easter Island - Monumens in Easter Island - Plan des Marquesas de Mendoça - Bay of the resolution, Isles Marquises - Woman of the Isle of Ste Christine - Chief of the Isle of Ste Christine - Orneme ns and arms of the Marquesas - Fleet of Otahiti at Oparée - Cup of Britannia - Tynai-Mai, woman of the Isle of Ulietea - O-Hedidee, man of Bolabala - Isles of Harvey and Palmerston - Isle of Rotterdam - Pirogues des Isles des Amis - Map of discoveries made in the Pacific - Landing at Mallicolo (New Hebrides) - Man of Mallicolo - 3 port plans - Landing at Erramanga (New Hebrides) - Landing at Tanna (New Hebrides) - Isle of Tanna - Man of Tanna - Woman of Tanna - Arms of Mallicolo and Tanna - Isle of New Caledonia - Man of New Caledonia - Woman of New Caledonia - Ornaments and arms of New Caledonia - Isle of Pines - Isle Norfolk - Man of New Zealand - New Zealand Woman - Christmas Channel (Tierra del Fuego) - Christmas Channel Man - Christmas Channel - Map of southern end of America - Map of discoveries made in the South Atlantic Ocean - Possession Bay (Georgia australe) - Port Observatory atif.

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