Atlas of the 1st Voyage of COOK (James) - 1774

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COOK, James, HAWKESWORTH. - Account of voyages undertaken by order of Her present reigning Britannic Majesty ; to make discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere, and successively executed by Commodore Byron, the captains ... Carteret, Wallis and Cook, in the ships the Dauphin, the Swallow & the Endeavor :   written from the diaries kept by the various commanders & Mr. Banks' papers, and enriched with figures ...

Paris, Saillant & Nyon, Panckoucke, 1774.

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In-4: 52 plates and maps. Numerous folding leaflets.

Map of the South Sea, Map of the Strait of Magellan, Port Gallant, Cape Providence, Map from York Bay, Commandore Byron's interview with the Patagons, View from the NW side of Masafuezo, Map of Virginia from Hawkins, Map and View of Isle, Isle of Lord Egmont, Isle Charlotte, New Ireland, Map of Capt. Carteret in the new Brittany,

3 views of the Admiralty Islands, southern end of Mindanao, Bonthain bay, Captain Wallis is attacked in the dolphin by the Tahitians, Isle of Wallis, Isle of Coco, view of the Indians of the ferre de fu in the huts, etc ...

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