Histoire Naturelle - Quadrupèdes - Buffon - 1769 - T9


M. de Buffon - intendant du Jardin du Roi, de l'académie française et celle des sciences...etc. Nouvelle édition

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In Paris, royal printing house - 1769.

1 volume in-12 - volume 9 alone.

To shine of time, back with ornate nerves, red edges. 349pp - 21 boards. 1 blunt corner.

Contained in this volume:

From nature 1st and 2nd view, pecari, rouflette, ..., palatouche, petit-gris, palmista ..., anteater ..., pangolin ..., armadillos, paca, opossum, marmose, cayopollin, elephant, rhino

Good condition..

You can find the biography and work of the Count of Buffon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges-Louis_Leclerc,_Comte_de_Buffon