Description des festes données par la Ville de Paris....


... à l'occasion du mariage de Madame Louise-Elisabeth de France, & de Dom Philippe, Infant & grand Amiral d'Espagne, les vingt-neuvième & trentième août mil sept cent trente-neuf

Article is no longer available

Large folio (63.5 x 48 cm), back with 10 nerves with golden title and fleurdelisés boxes. Dishes and interiors framed by rich laces and flowers. Roulette on the cuts. Weapons of the city of Paris in gold at the center of dishes.


The former Libris is Talleyrand

This book has a subsequent casing


The book includes a title vignette engraved by Bouchardon, an introductory vignette by Rigaud and 13 boards including 8 double pages drawn by Blondel, Gabriel, Salley and Servandoni


Beautiful holiday book, sought for its large double-page boards, one of which represents the spectacular fireworks given on the Seine. He celebrated the wedding of Louise-Elisabeth of France and Philippe de Bourbon, second son of Philip V of Spain, on August 26, 1739. The festivities took place on August 29 and 30 on an artificial island built by the Italian architect Servandoni , facing the Louvre between the Pont-Neuf and the Pont Royal, in front of the Mazarin College and the Town Hall.