Map of England - by Covens and Mortier

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Map of England - by Covens and Mortier - original map in 18th century color

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Pieter Mortier was born in 1661 in Leiden, the Netherlands. According to Houbraken, David van der Plas would have worked with him on engravings for Bybelsche Tafereelen (Biblical Stories), published in Amsterdam in 1700.

According to the RKD, he was the father of Cornelis Mortier (1699-1783), who in partnership with Johannes Covens I (1697-1774), launched the card publishing company Covens & Mortier (1721-1866) . He traveled to Paris from 1681 to 1685 and in 1690 won the privilege of publishing maps and atlases by French publishers in Amsterdam.

Size of the card: 54 cm x 62 cm

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