Maps of the British Isles - Gérald Valck - 18th century

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Cartes des Isles Britanniques - Gérald Valck - 18ème siècle

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Gerard Valck or Gerardus Valk, born September 30, 16521 in Amsterdam where he died October 21, 17262 is a merchant of prints and printing plates from Dam. He specialized in cartography and the making of world maps. His terrestrial and celestial globes brought a novelty in the sense that Valck respected the last precepts of scientists, namely fewer texts and fewer images, while his direct competitors kept the project of the Blaeu firm, which was based on Tycho Brah. So after a few years, the Valck/Schenk house obtained an absolute monopoly in the manufacture and sale of globes. Valck's globes and world maps were sold throughout the 18th century.

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