Map Nivernium Ducatus, Gallicèa Duche de Nevers - Guilielmus BLAEU - 17th century

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Original map from the 17th century

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Willem Janszoon BLAEU, also Guilielmus BLAEU, (1571 -1638), is a Dutch cartographer. He was a student of the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe during the winter of 1595. On August 18, 1600, he discovered a new star in the constellation Cygnus which would remain visible for 6 years. He opened a shop and a printer's workshop in Amsterdam in 1605. BLAEU was at the same time author, printer and publisher of his maps. He published atlases and globes of remarkable accuracy for the time. From 1633, he became the supplier of maps to the Dutch East India Company.

His Atlas Maior was published in two volumes in 1635 in four languages: German (208 maps), French (208 maps), Low German or Dutch (207 maps) and Latin (207 maps).

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